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8 Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

While discussing your budget might seem like the least romantic element of planning your wedding, there’s nothing less romantic than going in to debt. Whatever you have to spend, take advantage of these top tips to help you stick to your wedding budget without scrimping on style.

1. Stay Organised

First things first… set your budget. Work out what you have to spend and set up a dedicated wedding bank account. Make a list of everything you imagine you want to buy and assign an amount of money to it. If you overspend in one area, you need to underspend in another. Of course, it’s always a good idea to allow a little contingency!

2. Get Creative

When planning your special day, consider whether there are some things you might be able to do yourself and save a little money in the process. You might, for example, decide to make your own wedding favours or elements of your stationery. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either – perhaps you have an aunt who makes wonderful cakes or a friend who might like to DJ or arrange a playlist for you. Be wary of giving yourself too much to do close to the day itself though. Arranging your own flowers, for example, is not a simple task and must be done at the last minute.

3. Spend on What Matters... to You

Always remember, this is your special day and it’s important to make it as personal as possible. If you have your heart set on a live band, you might decide to splurge a little on entertainment and spend less on flowers or shoes, for example. Plan the day you dream of and don’t spend money where you don’t want to.

4. Avoid Key Dates

At the height of the season, suppliers can be more expensive. You might, therefore, avoid marrying on a Saturday in the midst of summer, choosing a weekday instead. Equally, it’s wise to avoid Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day where flowers are in demand and prices rise.

5. Stay Seasonal

Not only do seasonal flowers and seasonal food look and taste great, they also generally cost less money. Blooms that have to be shipped in from overseas are likely to cost more. Stick to the seasons and be considerate when decorating your venue and feeding your guests. Swynford Manor needs very little additional décor. Place floral arrangements where your guests will see and appreciate them. And, keep it simple – don’t over-feed people. Your wedding cake can make a fabulous dessert or part of the evening feast alongside a delicious selection of cheeses.

6. Take Advantage of Sales

This is the time to turn in to an exceptional shopper! Instead of buying something as soon as you see it, shop around to get the best price. Look out for sales and last-minute deals. If you are looking too tie the knot sooner rather than later, you can make great savings on your venue. You might even find your dream dress in a sample sale. Decorations like fairy lights and vases can often be found in January sales too.

7. Borrow and Share

If you have friends marrying at the same time, you might decide to share certain things, particularly decorations. While you’re very unlikely to share your wedding dress, you might borrow hair pins or other accessories… it’s certainly worth a thought and you can use them as your ‘something borrowed’ too!

8. Keep it Simple

When it comes to decoration, time costs money. Simply arranged flowers and cakes with minimal decoration will generally cost less than large bouquets with a lot of wiring and cake designs that feature intricate piping or painted designs.

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